Abraham Family Free Loan Organization (AFFLO) is a non-Profit Corporation, registered in Texas State, USA, in February 2015, primarily for assisting the new immigrants of the Knanaya Community in North America, who are not able to get easy financial support from other normal sources.

Our Objective

We believe that education is the stepping stone to the future. We don’t want shortage of funds for educational fee, transportation, food, accommodation, or medicine to prevent capable students from achieving their dreams. As a part of our social responsibility, we extend a helping hand to the needy, in the form of interest free loans or grants for educational, general purpose and emergency requirements.

Our Mission

AFFLO understands that the requirement for financial assistance still exists, especially for the survival of a new immigrant. Our Mission is to help the younger generation in the community; to support them with Love &Care; assist them with financial help & guidance; to make them grow and prosper with Hope, Faith and Happiness; and to strive collectively for the better future of our community and the Nation.

AFFLO Taking Shape

To fulfill this dream, we had a family meeting on December 5th, 2014 , presided over by Abraham P Jacob, at his residence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At this meeting we have evaluated & discussed our current charity works and unanimously decided to enhance it. As per that the following decisions were taken.

  • To continue our current charity works with more financial support for educational purposes.
  • To take the action immediately, to form a non-profit organization and to get it registered.
  • The name of the organization would be Abraham Family Free Loan Organization (AFFLO).
  • To provide interest free loans to the struggling members of the Knanaya community, with more focused to students in North America, through this non-profit organization.
  • The board of directors of AFFLO:
    1. President – Roy P. Abraham
    2. Vice-President – Lincoln P. Jacob
    3. Secretary – Medeline Roy

Abraham Family

Abraham Family is a branch of Nattiyatharyil Panachaveetil Kudumbam, belonging to Knanaya Jacobite Christian community located near St. Mary’s Knanaya Church, on the bank of the Pampa River, Mannar, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala, India. Mr. Abraham (Late) was the eldest son of late Chacko Abraham and Chachiyamma,who was born in June 12th 1923 and died on Oct. 18th 1992. He married Mariyamma Abraham, eldest daughter of (Late) Mr. Pothen Abraham and Alleyamma of Puthenparambil, Chingavanam. The couple has two sons and two daughters:- Jacob Abraham, Chachiamma(Ammal) Abraham, Roy Abraham, and Alice Abraham. The sons migrated to USA with their family and currently Jacob resides at Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Roy resides at Dallas, Texas. The daughters were married off and are settled in Kerala.

the knanaya community

The Knanaya Christians are Jewish Christians who have migrated from Southern Mesopotamia to Kerala, India, in the year 345 AD, during the reign of Cheraman Perumal, the Emperor of Kerala. With instructions from the Bishop of Antioch, Knai Thoma, a rich & influential international merchant from Cana, brought a colony of 400 Syrian Christians consisting of 72 families belonging to 7 clans. The group included men, women, children, priests, deacons and their bishop Mor Joseph of Urfa. They formed themselves into an endogamous community by keeping their tradition and culture, but co-existed peacefully among the St. Thomas Christians in India.
Now, the Knanaya community has members and churches spread all over the world under Dioceses of Jacobite faith and Roman Catholic faith. A very distinct ethnic and religious group who are proud of their Indian Heritage and Malayalee (Kerala) Culture, are still able to maintain their endogamous Jewish tradition originating from Abraham, the Patriarch of the Old Testament.

The Request

In order to solicit and raise funds for the purpose of serving the maximum number of members through this nonprofit corporation, we accept donations from benefactors and friends(from and through legal sources).

future plans

As it is our duty and responsibility to participate in the Nation building process, in whatever little way we can, we have included the following in our future endeavors:
To initiate and conduct various social, cultural, educational and intellectual activities that will enrich the lives of our community members and enable them to lead a true happy and fruitful life.
To publish books, brochures, magazines and to conduct seminars, symposium for children, youth, and others to ensure a community of good Christian faith and a society of responsible and respectable citizens.

statutory commitment

We are planning to operate within the meaning of the section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding section of the future federal tax code by extending a helping hand through interest free loans or grants. Each loan will be handled discretely with complete anonymity and utmost care. We assure you that any personnel information or data will not be misused or mishandled.

We affirm that this organization is proposed to be designated as a nonprofit community benefited corporation. It is not organized to operate for a private gain of any person including its directors or officers, except as permitted under the statutory regulations of the State of Texas.