History & Founders

Biography of Mr. K.M Abraham

Born into the Panachaveettil Family at Mannar, Kerala, as the second child of Mr. Chacko Abraham and Mrs. Chachiamma Chacko to a family of four children: Achukutty, K.M Abraham, P.C George and P.C Chacko lost their mother at a very early part of lives. The children were raised by their aunt Pennamma (sister of Mr. Chacko Abraham); later Achukutty also played a motherly role giving a hand in tending to the three brothers.

At the time of commencement for education, the maternal uncle Mr. Kunjan-Mathew Kalalleimanil took him away to Ranni, where he attended early schooling, its from the this connection that he was named Kalalleimanil Mathew Abraham (K.M. Abraham). He retuned back to Mannar to finish middle school at St. Kuriakose School, Melpadam and Nair Samajam – High school at Mannar. Even though a bright student and tutors recommending pursuing higher education, he was forced to attend to the family agriculture and look after his brothers. After attaining family economical stability and with his brothers capable to stand own their own feet, he resorted to continue to study the art of office secretary. Later he proceeded to Mumbai (Previously known as Bombay) for work. He married Mrs. Mariamma Abraham and the couple was blessed with 4 children. Mrs. Mariamma also a played a pivotal role in supporting K.M Abraham in addition to family duties and responsibilities.

He worked as a secretary for three decades at National Iron and Steel Works .LLC, developing and maintaining relations with many people from all over India. Late. Very Rev Fr. Jacob Kuriyikal, Abraham Varghese and P.J Thomas were some of his many friends with whom he had an intimate connection and were neighbors.

Living as a human being with compassion, consideration, conscience and contribution, moreover due to his keenness in wearing white clothes, he was fondly called “Gandhiji” amongst friends.

After the long years in Bombay, K. M Abraham retired early to Mannar to take care of his aging father and family agriculture. He spent the rest of living years playing significant role in the social, economic and spiritual fronts. K.M Abraham joined Gods eternal family at the age of 69 on October 18th , 1992, leaving behind a great legacy and role model to look up to.

Nattiyatharil Panachaveettil Family History

We are a Knanaya Jacobite Christian family located near St. Mary’s Knanaya Church, on the banks of the Pampa River at Mannar, Pathanamthitta District, and Kerala, India. Currently our family members are spread across the globe. Our forefathers practiced in agriculture and now our members are dispersed in various fields such as academia, engineering, medical professional, finance, and business etc.

This branch of Nattiyatharil Panachaveettil family emanates from Mr. Chacko Abraham and his family who migrated from Kalliserry, (a place between Thiruvella and Chenganoor) at Pathanamthitta district, Kerala to Mannar around 1820 AD. At this time, very little is known about the predecessors and their history. Mr. Chacko Abraham was a member of the Kalliserry Knanaya Valiya Pally. Mr. Chacko, along with his family, moved to Mannar to take over ancestral properties. In those days, the traditional families of Kerala were inclined to adopt family names, which had direct bearings on their surroundings around their dwellings. During the course of this transition, Mr. Chacko settled in one of his property called Nattiyatharil, since then referred as Nattiyatharil Chacko. He died at the age of forty-two, and was buried at Kalliserry Knanaya Valiya Palli. His son, Abraham Chacko and two daughters survived him. Daughters were married off and unfortunately little is known of them.
However, the son Abraham Chacko married from the Murigasseril family, at Kalliserry. He had two sons: Chacko Abraham and a younger brother – Itty Abraham. Chacko’s wife passed away sixteen days after Itty was born; therefore Itty lived in Kalliserry along with his maternal grandparents. Their father Abraham Chacko passed away at the age of forty-three and was also buried at Kalliserry Knanaya Valiya Palli. Shortly afterwards, Itty – who was just sixteen, moved to Mannar and lived with his brother Chacko Abraham.

Itty got married to Papathil Chachiamma, from Pavukkara. Itty purchased the current property at Mannar from the Panachaveettil, a Hindu family from Kadapra. Itty donated certain portion of his property to the Mannar St. Mary’s church when it was established. After the purchase of the Panachaveettil property, we become commonly known as the Panachaveettil family. Itty and Chachiamma had four sons and one daughter: Chacko Abraham, Kurian, Thomas, Avarachan, and Pennamma. Chacko married Kalalleimanil Chachiamma from Ranni. Kurian married Mangalathu Soshama from Ranni. Thomas married Orile Kochachi from Thengali. Avarachan married Kandanadu Marry Kutty from Ranni. Itty and his brother Chacko died in 1121-1122 in the Malayalam Era. They are currently buried in the Nattiyatharil- Panachaveettil family vault at St. Mary’s Knanaya Church at Mannar. Itty’s daughter-Pennamma, married from the Mazhakir Kavanal family.

Chacko Abraham (aka Kochucherukan) married Chachiamma from Kalalleimanil, Ranni. The couple had one daughter and 3 sons as offspring’s: – Achukutty, K.M Abraham, P.C George and P.C Chacko. Achukutty was married off to Korahkunju from Vadakkemannil, Ranni. The couple gave birth to two sons. V.K. Jacob (Jacobkutty) married to Lila, Punnathanathu, Chingavanam and settled in Dallas. V.K. Chacko (Aniyankunju) married to Elsy, Thekkemoozhippara, Chingavanam and currently settled in Houston.

P.C George married Mariamma from Puthiyaparambil, Chingavanam. Chachiamma, Mercy, Daisy and Jacob George were the next generation. Chachiamma, Mercy and Daisy were married off to Abraham Joseph, Mattathil from Kuttor, Shaji Jacob, Valanjanthurithil from Ranni, Saji Thomas, Kuriackal from Ranni. Jacob George married Sherin and currently settled at New Delhi.

P.C Chacko married Mariamma Kutty, Maliyakkal from Kalliserry. They gave birth to three daughters and one son: – Leela who married off to James Eshwaramparambil, Chingavanam, Latha who was married off to Late Jose Mathew, Palapparampil from Kallara, Kottayam- remarried George Joseph, Myalial, Kallara, Litty (son) married Beena Kaipusheriyil, Eraviperoor and Lima who was married off.

K.M. Abraham (aka Kunjavarachan), to whom AFFLO (Abraham Family Free Loan Organization)is dedicated, married Mariamma daughter of Pothen

Abraham and Elikutty from Puthenparambil, Chingavanam. The couple was blessed with two sons and two daughters: – Abraham P. Jacob (aka Bappu), Ammal, Roy and Alice. Ammal was married off to Abraham, Kanjirathingal from Ranni who have the following children: Premino, Welky and Semino. Alice married Late Adv. Joseph, Valiaparambil (Puvalliyil) from Veliyanadu. Archana Joseph and Punnoose Joseph are daughter and son of Alice and Late. Adv. Joseph.

Abraham P. Jacob married Jeemol, Vadakkemannil from Ranni (Daughter of Mr. Kurian Oonnittan and Mrs. Chachiamma Oonnittan). Lincoln Jacob Panachaveettil and Oonnittan Jacob Nattiyatharil Panachaveettil (aka Chincoln) are the 2 offspring of the couple. Lincoln Jacob married Dreshya (Daughter of Mr. Chacko Vettikattu and Mrs. Mercy Chacko) and blessed with a daughter Nyla Lincoln Jacob.

Roy P. Abraham married Mini (daughter of Mr. Joseph Kalalleimanil and Mrs. Moniamma Joseph); the couple is blessed with daughter Madeline Roy. Lincoln, Oonnittan and Madeline are the millennial generation members.

Since the settlement at Mannar, the Nattiyatharil Panachaveettil family has played a prominent role in the social, cultural, religious and political spheres of the society. Our ancestors have lived in peace and harmony with other families and members of the society, irrespective of their religion and faith.