Launch of AFFLO – Abraham Family Free Loan Organization

It gives us immense pleasure to proudly present to the world an initiative we the Panachaveettil family launched on March 28, 2015.

Coming to USA, fresh of the boat as a student, this can be many of our story or some of us share similar stories and experiences. We all come cross the 7 seas hopeful for a brighter future in the land of opportunities sacrificing many things in our country with very little to no financial support. There are many a times that we wish we would have some kind of bolster to help us through hard times without any strings attached, that may come upon us, out of the blue and we are stranded staring at reality.

To help this cause we decided to start AFFLO. – Abraham Family Free Loan Organization after Late Mr. K.M Abraham. This Non profit Organization is aimed at supporting and helping students of the Knanaya community. Through this organization we are focused on education and intend to work towards the enhancement of students by assisting them financially through student loans and general purpose loans. This is one of its first kinds among the Knanaya Community and hopeful that we will be able to touch many and make betterment in their lives through this noble cause.

Very distinguished guest Mr. Jose Ochalil (National Secretary of LANA, poet and writer) launched the AFFLO website and initiative.

AFFLO- President Mr. Roy P. Abraham, Vice President Lincoln P. Jacob and Secretary Ms. Madeline Roy giving more details about the organization and initiative.


Fundraising was inaugurated by Very Rev. Fr. Phillip, in the presence of Rev Fr. Abbey, with the elder son of K.M Abraham – Mr. Abraham P. Jacob presenting a 5000$ check.

Second check for fund raising to AFFLO was presented by Mr. V. K Chacko.